Recording your Choir

Why record your choir?

Why choose Callan Studios?

School ChoirProject Support:

We don’t just ‘make a recording’ – Jim Armour will be there to provide advice and fully support the project from start to finish to make sure it is an enjoyable, educational and financially profitable experience for the choir.


Our experience in the field will guide you to make the highest quality recording. After your recording we will produce a demonstration CD of your fully mixed recording and cover artwork and invite you to ask us to make any changes to make sure it suits your choir’s needs.
Previous clients include: Association of Irish Choirs, Contemporary Music Centre, St. Patrick’s Cathedral Chamber Choir, The Jimmy Cake, Carlow Young Artists Choir, Wexford Children’s Choir, Co. Clare Arts Office, Scouting Ireland and various school and community groups.
Jim is also an enthusiastic choral singer in his own right and really knows choirs from both sides of the microphone.

Professionalism:Adult group on location

Jim is an experienced engineer with a Masters (1st Class) in Music Technology from the University of Limerick and a primary degree in Electronics from Manchester University. He also has a HSE Keeping Safe Child Protection Certificate and a Certificate in Training and Development from the Irish Institute of Training and Development.
Callan Studios is a fully insured and VAT registered company and uses professional quality equipment and standards for your recording.


Callan Studios are committed to giving you value for money; you only pay for what you need. Packages range from recording a single song up to producing a complete album with artwork, any quantity of CDs and sound files for your website.
Please contact the studios for a special custom package for your choir.