Recording Studio

What we have

Following a recent grant award from the Clare Local Development Company we have invested in only the best equipment to give you the highest quality recording.

What we do


We provide you with the highest quality recording facilities in the most relaxing and peaceful studio environment.

The purpose built studio can accommodate soloists and groups of musicians in the live room with the option of a vocal booth for better isolation of sound.

We have a large range of microphones from top class manufacturers such as DPA, Neumann, Röde, etc. to suit all voices and instruments.

Equipment consists of multi-track digital recording at 24bit resolution and up to 96kbs sampling.


Add that final polish to the sound by mastering your tracks. This means that each track will sound consistently good against the other tracks on the CD.

The studio has a good range of software to give your recording that professional edge.

The final product may be a single track on a single CD for demo purposes up to large quantities of full-length albums.

Choice of final media includes CD, DAT, MiniDisc and Cassette.

Audio files may be produced as standard audio for CDs and for publishing on the internet.

Additional Services

Audio restoration of old, damaged and poorly recorded media, e.g. vinyl records transferred to CD.